Some of my pics made it into this zine and there’s launch w/ bands and probably beer.

Melbourne friends and strangers come say “hi”


Southerndown - August 2013

Southerndown - August 2013


a complete illustrative interpretation of miserable’s forthcoming ‘dog days’ EP by emily fraser

<3 watch the video for ‘fever’ as premiered on noisey

<3 pre-order ‘dog days’ on tape here or digital-only here

remember every tape order comes with a postcard of one of these illustrations!

a huge thank you to everyone who has been involved with this release; emily for these illustrations, kieran gabriel for putting together the tape design, mj bernier for the artwork, kristin cofer for shooting the video for fever and kelly nyland for editing it. yr all beautiful.

'dog days' will be available to stream in full soon. we hope you enjoy it!